Just start writing!

[Monday. Rainy day. ☔️]

There’s really no need to think too much about it. Overthinking has never done anyone much good. You’ll just end up feeling more and more overwhelmed; and then finally too paralyzed to do anything actually helpful to move things forward.

And at any rate, it’s really not so much about the act of writing itself, as much as it is about engaging more with the things that you’re interested in, by writing about them. Writing is merely just an avenue, at the end of the day; your focus should really be on those very things that you’re interested in, and want to engage more with.

So what are the things that I’m interested in? These days, it seems to revolve mostly around the following: food (both eating and cooking), and learning and trying new things (mostly languages, improv, and tap dancing).

This list will change, of course, as time goes by.

But I suppose this is ultimately the larger, overall theme that I hope to explore on this blog: how to best live the life that I have now. Not the one in the past; nor the one in the still unknown future; but the one right here in the present.

You can do this! 😅

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 8.38.05 PMImage from here.


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